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Steven Universe - Ending Credits Theme
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imageCurrently watching. I love this screen shot.. <3

Rouge Message
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Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara by Mattouya Yumi
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I’m currently watching this right now.. :)

Kaze ni Naru (Become the Wind)
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I&#8217;m currently watching this anime right now and its so cuuuute!!! I can&#8217;t even~~ kyaaa! &gt;&lt;

Himitsu No Ai-chan
So, this is the first time I read a storyline like this one because mangas don&#8217;t usually have cool girls like her and the drawing was good (not to mention Ai has the badass hair!), and since I&#8217;m a shoujo/romance/comedy-loving-baka, I just savored this manga through its romance and light smut.. OK I&#8217;m a perv but what the heck :P